Bath Railway Society

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Photo:- Rev. A. G. Newman/BRS Archive

On 9th March 1959 members of the Bath Railway Society visited the 'Roads Reconstruction Works at Vallis Vale near Frome, Somerset where members were able to ride in the cab of Sentinel Locomotive No. 3. It is seen arriving at Hapsford from Whatley. BRS members Ivo Peters is leaning out of the cab (left) and Mr. K P Padfield is looking out of the left cab window.  Mr R. Hurst can just be seen looking out of the right hand window.

Photo:- Ivo Peters/BRS Archive

In 1960, members visited the Byfield Ironstone Quarry in Northamptonshire. The Rev. A. G.Newman and Mr W. N. Lockett can be seen standing alongside derelict Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 tank locomotive 'Byfield'.

A ticket for a Charter Train to the Severn Valley Railway at Kidderminster  which the Society organised on 9th September 1978. Following the success of this trip, a further charter train was organised to the SVR running through to Bewdley.

During a visit to the Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust at Midsomer Norton station on 17th June 2007, member Andrew Sillett has ago at pulling the signal levers in the reconstructed signal box.

Photo:- Bob Bunyar

Members enjoy a brakevan ride during the visit to Midsomer Norton station on 17th June 2007 showing the reconstructed Signal Box and Greenhouse.

Photo:- Bob Bunyar

The Society were invited to a reception at the Mayor's Parlour in the Guildhall, Bath as part of their 50th Anniversary in September 2007.

This cutting appeared in the Bath Evening Chronicle

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Chairman Guy Williams leads the applause for speaker Richard Hardy at a monthly meeting on 21st March 1983. Photo:- Graham Vincent

Speaker Richard Hardy chats with Russell Leitch at the meeting on 21st March 1983. Photo: Graham Vincent

Chairman John Taylor addresses the Society's 35th Annual Dinner at the American Museum, Bath on 30th May 1992 Photo:- Graham Vincent

Gordon Dodge at 40th Anniversary AGM 16th June 1997

Revd. Alan Newman with one of his record books from 1935 of workings at Bath Queen Square station (Bath Green Park) at 40th AGM at the Midland Hotel 16th June 1997

Ron Hurst and Revd Alan Newman at 40th AGM at The Midland Hotel 16th June 1997

A presentation of a framed railway print was made to the former Hon Secretary John C Hampton on his retirement in appreciation for his long service to the Society. Making the presentation at the St Philip and St James Elderly Persons home in Keynsham on 1st September 2010 is  Chairman John Froud.

Vice - President Pete Waterman address the 50th Anniversary Dinner at the Bath Green Park station meeting room on 13th September 2007. Photo:- Graham Vincent

Table Place name card for the 50th Aniversary Dinner on 13th September 2007 signed by Peter Waterman OBE

Ticket for 50th Anniversary Dinner on 13th September 2007.

Members gathering at Bitton Station - All Photos courtesy Mike Ware.

“ 50th Anniversary Invite to Mayor’s Parlour”

Photos by Jon Hughes

L to R (back) Bob Bunyar, John Froud, Nigel Bruce – Robertson, & Mike Ware.

L to R (front) City of Bath Mayor Sharon Ball and John Hampton.

L to R Cllr & BRS member Neil Butters with BRS Chairman John Froud

L to R Ron Hurst, John Froud and Mayor Sharon Ball